New York City

People in New York City come from all over the world to see different sites and to be able to see the stunning cultural views of the city. However, it is very important to be careful when taking pictures because there are several areas in New York City that have strict policies against taking pictures and may refer you to the authorities if you are caught taking pictures of gawking tourists.

Therefore, what to do if you are still wondering what to do when you reach New York City? Here are some tips that will help you take the right decision.

Where to Stay

There are a plenty of hotels and guesthouses that can be found in New York City. You can find the information about these hotels and their facilities from the web.

In fact, it is better to find the information about the hotels from the web even than from your travel guide. But, then, it is good to know about the hotels that have recently changed the face of New York. Indeed, these hotels are many of famous across the globe and have given the name to the place.

New York is considered to be city that never sleeps and that is why it is never a good idea to find accommodation in the city. However, many people like to stay in the hotels because they offer many facilities and amenities other than just sleeping places.

Right from simple bedrooms to Jacuzzi, an array of facilities is available at the hotel. The rooms in the hotels are also decorated in a wise and comfortable manner keeping in mind the need of the travelers. Also, with the number of travelers in the hotels, it is a common experience to find sleeping inside the hotels.


The Jacuzzi is a well known and appreciated option and can be found at a hotel. The benefits of the Jacuzzi are that you can enjoy with your family and friends in a warm environment. Another unique thing about the Jacuzzi is that you can enjoy music or singing with water without troubling the others. What more can you ask for when spending your vacations at a hotel.


The chefs from the hotels will be happy to serve you some of their exotic cuisine such as Italian and Chinese food. If you are satisfied with the culinary experience, then you can always have the chef cook for you in order to make your holiday experience memorable.


Warm up and enjoy yourself with the many activities that are available in the hotels. The fitness center, Jacuzzi, library, and spa are places where you can unwind and relax. What more can you ask for when staying at a hotel.

cheerful and fun times

Wake up relaxed and enjoy a cup of breakfast at the dining table, or watch your favorite television program at the pool. Enjoy a late supper at the food court. And you can also have an early chapter in the museum till the time of closing.


Bored? Stop exploring and start learning. There are many places within the city that can interest you such as the Museum of American Finance. You can learn about American business and economics. Catch the subtleties of language such as you will find in New York City.


When there is so much to explore, it is always great to buy things that remind of New York. Very few places in the world offer as many options of bargain shopping as New York.

behold something different

New York has a culture that is quite different from most others. There are places within the city that have an atmosphere quite unlike that of most places in other cities.


There are many different kinds of theaters in New York. The Metropolitan Opera House is a must see. You should also see a Broadway show or two.

Going to thecoordinated arts

If you are visiting New York during the organized arts season, you can catch the Broadway Across America Tour. This is a tour that focuses on different cities in the U.S, including New York. Along this tour, you will be able to basic theater skills and you will even be provided with a guide.

There are many other theaters in New York and even outside the city. You can see many of these theaters from the comfort of your home and you will even be able to go to the theaters and watch the same plays that local residents and visitors go to see.

revert back to nature

If it’s nature you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with New York. Known for its safaris and wildlife vacations, New York is brimming with campsites and parks. At the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo, you can experience quite the adventure and nature.

Aside from these two urban destinations, there are many other locations in the United States. The delightfully quaint towns of California and Oregon have more to offer than the neon lights in Las Vegas. From the redwood forests in California to the vast wastes in Oregon, you can find things you never knew existed.

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